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  • Anarghya Vardhana

    Anarghya Vardhana

    VC @Maveron … lover of all things consumer, culture, and community

  • Joe Babaian

    Joe Babaian

    Co-Moderator #HCLDR | Focus on #HealthIT #Advocacy #PtExp | Fired up about shaping the conversation | #pinksocks | LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/joebabaian

  • Jørgen Sundgot

    Jørgen Sundgot

    I help people work smarter, live better and unleash their awesome.

  • Camilo Erazo Leiva

    Camilo Erazo Leiva

    Gerente del Centro Nacional en Sistemas de Información en Salud — CENS Chile. Médico y MBA. Trabajando por una mejor salud a través de las TICs.

  • David R. Li

    David R. Li

    Care more • Risk more • Dream more • Expect more

  • Alan V. Bruckner (11/2049)

    Alan V. Bruckner (11/2049)

    Agape, always.

  • Peer Insight

    Peer Insight

    An #innovation consulting firm. We partner with leaders to explore new services, markets, and business models to achieve growth.

  • Hilary Bienstock

    Hilary Bienstock

    Design research-focused UXer working on consulting projects large and small in LA.

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